Kitchens Tips

Kitchens have made a comeback from being a small cluttered room at the back of the house to playing a very important part in the most social or activities of the house It is not only used for cooking and eating; it is also used for social gatherings. Because of this, kitchen planning regarding such aspects as ergonomics and optimized work flows are seriously taken into consideration by our specialized and highly skilled designers when coming up your dream kitchen design.

  • Tip 1.|The right kitchen design should be one that creates a working environment that takes into account the exact movements of the person using the kitchen. This can include giving careful consideration to working heights for preparation, cooking and cleaning.
  • Tip 2.The kitchen design should also make sure that cooking supplies and appliances are within easy reach from the workbench.
  • Tip 3.It should be made sure that counters should be at the right height to make working for the cook easier and if the cook is left-handed, it may take more thought as to which side the cabinets should open to make it easier for him or her to work. Separate areas for heavy pots can be assigned while drawer size of appropriate sizes for small appliances can be designed accordingly. Right and appropriate storage areas helps you to keep the kitchen more organized and minimizes bending and stooping down, to give less strain to your back.Use pullout shelves in base cabinets.

    All sorts of storage options are available in pullout varieties: pantry shelves, spice racks, and under-the-sink organizers. When installed in base cabinets, they give everyone better access to items at the back of the cabinets and reduce unnecessary bending.

  • Tip 4.The kitchen design should take into consideration the adequate lighting.  The light should be directed vertically on the working areas. In addition, internal cabinet lighting, under wall unit rails, spotlights and shelves with lighting can be used for maximum efficiency.
  • Tip 5.Prefer a large square sink. Large pans and containers are easily washed in larger sinks. You can also look for customized solutions like HI-MACS®, which are ideal for countertops and other surfacing applications where extreme durability, versatility and lasting beauty are a must.
  • Tip 6.Make combinations of different materials. The combination of wooden, glass, aluminum or stainless steel surfaces and frames is highly recommended for the decoration of the Kitchen.
  • Tip 7.Worktops. The element more subjected to wear & tear and this is the reason why it must be particularly resistant. Choose safe, hygienic and reliable worktops, with rounded edges.
  • Tip 8.Enrich your kitchen with state of the art accessories. Choose from a wide range of selected waste baskets (ideal for recycling), corner base trolleys and carousels, wine bottle holders, accessories for cutlery and dishes, steel shelves for base and wall units, pull out electrical sockets and pull out trays and shelves.
  • Tip 9.Hoods. Hoods help to maintain a right change of air inside the kitchen. The selected hoods must be strong, silent besides being a piece of furniture thus creating prestigious aesthetic solutions. Several wall hoods might be fully integrated inside the wall cabinets. There are generally wall hoods, integrated hoods as well as island hoods.
  • Tip 10.Cabinet opening systems. For a more practical and functional kitchen it is recommended to use various opening systems. You can choose from a variety of opening systems like push buttons, flap doors, sliding doors, fully integrated doors and Pullman doors.